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Our projects


Jun 2020

prefabricated weaning barn

The prefabricated weaning barn in reinforced concrete has a high degree of thermal insulation and houses 4250 piglets from 6 to 35 kg.

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Feb 2020

WEANERS HOUSE 300 mt long

The largest made by Evoteck in only 9 months! With its 300 meters in length and 32.4 in width it can house up to 23100 heads!

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Oct 2019

Prefabricated pig finishing barn and manure tank , Prefabricated pig finishing barn

Inauguration of a new piggery for fattening pigs. A lot of congratulations have been received from all participants.

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Sep 2018

Allevamento broiler

At the end of August 2018 we have implemented the construction of the third house of the broiler farm

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Aug 2018


The construction of the Pekin duck farm was started in June 2018. The area of construction is 200 000 m2.

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