We supply and install feeding systems for the breeding of the DUCKS of the most famous worldwide brands with feed distribution through screw conveyor.
The proposed power plants are built with advanced technologies and quality materials, which allows the equipment to last a long time, in conditions of maximum safety for those who work and for the animals.
Versions and accessories that can be installed are many, such as electric winches for automatic lifting of lines, feed dosing, feeders with 6 – 12 partitions.


We supply and install drinking equipment for the breeding of DUCKS of the most famous brands worldwide for weaning sectors and for fattening, breeding and growth sectors.
The variants and accessories that can be installed are as varied as automatic medicinal dosing systems, electric winches for automatic lifting of lines and automatic systems for washing lines.


We supply various types of high quality polypropylene slats for ducks. The dimensions of the slats can reach up to 1000×1200 mm each piece reducing the cost of assembly thanks to the greater size compared to the others on the market.
Polypropylene is of first quality and at the same time resistant and flexible, essential requirements for a durable product when subjected to continuous mechanical stress due to the animals and the operators themselves.


In case of sheds with slatted floors we offer a valid and robust cleaning system that guarantees a continuous and complete removal of manure and dejections by mechanical scrapers on the bottom of the pits.
The scrapers ensure the removal of the dejections every day, thus bringing different benefits to the breeder:
– Reduction of harmful gas emissions such as ammonia with consequent increase in the welfare of animals, operators and the environment;
– Recovery of ‘fresh’ dejections. This may be interesting in the presence of subsequent energy recovery treatments;
They can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel and there are two versions available:
– Cable scrapers;
– Hydraulic scrapers.