For breeders we offer forefront nests and coated slats, which encourage the hen to lay the egg inside, reducing to a maximum the percentage of eggs on the ground.
The “EVOTECK” floors for layers raised on the ground is one of a kind and contains a long series of advantages compared to traditional systems and is a safe system tested by the experience accumulated over twenty years of installations.
Hygienically it is the best solution imaginable, the ultra-smooth nature and the rounded structure of the coating do not retain impurities. The minimum guaranteed hardness of the coating is 90 SHORE A.
The slats are self-supporting and consist of a horizontal plane (customizable, but with maximum dimensions 1000x2500mm) and a vertical coated mesh.
To reduce the incidence of transport costs to a minimum, the perches are supplied with the two components removed, however assembly is very simple and quick.
The main characteristics of Evoteck coated slats are:
• Exceptional durability over time
• High mechanical strength
• Excellent drainage of the pollen
• Speed ​​and ease of cleaning
• Disassembly and reassembly speed
• Customizable
• Excellent visibility of the part below the roost.