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As an alternative to the Vacuum system with prefabricated raceways we realize sewage evacuation systems with buried underground lines adequately sized and made up of pipes and T-fittings for the discharge of sewage.
We pay particular attention to the type of pipes and fittings used to ensure correct operation and long life. Therefore we use heavy components with high thickness and equipped with gaskets, contrary to what is often seen on the market.


We produce various types of prefabricated channels in R.C . for the conveyance of sewage from the pits. A correct sizing and positioning of them guarantee a complete evacuation of the sewage from the sub-pit thanks to the vacuum discharge operation.
1. Useful dimensions: 0.70 x 0.26 H. With any Ø200 / 250/315 hole.
2. Useful dimensions: 0,57 x 0,26 H. With any Ø200 / 250/315 hole.
3. Useful dimensions: 0.50 x 0.15 H. With any Ø200 / 250/315 hole.


We realize prefabricated tanks of different sizes and types for different uses in breeding farms. I can be monolithic if small or composed of more elements if larger.
On request they can also be equipped with a rigid floor.
Can be used for the collection of sewage sectors from warehouses (such as storage backup) before th relaunching in the storage tanks and in separation or nitrogen treatment plants.
They can also be used to receive the exhausted manure from storage tanks through automatic valves with working with float that allow the extraction by tankers without forcing the operator to get off the tractor.


We produce solid-liquid separation systems for sludge from farms through the use of screw separators designed to last over time.
It is made of stainless steel and cast iron with 5.5HP motor (kw 4.1) 400V 50Hz, stainless steel micro-slit filter, stainless steel compression cochlea with hard metals and provided with cleaning brushes and mechanical system of compression of the separated solid at counter-weight.


Because of the new regulations and the increasing nitrate density of farms and biogas plants is increasing the number of farms that do not have enough land to be able to use all its waste as fertilizer products.
When the amount of produced manure exceeds the disposal capacity of the soil, it takes the form of contaminant. The action you have high pollutant content of nitrogen and organic matter is biodegradable and is manifested by the passage of wastewater into surface water via direct discharge or leaching into the groundwater.
To solve these problems we propose a pre- treatment plant with biological nitrification and denitrification to the nitrogen present in the manure, in order to allow farmers to spread on their land slurry that, reducing nitrogen up to 70% , will require less than a third of the fields which would not need this type of plant.
The proposed plants use natural biological reactions, without any chemical additive and operate with the utmost simplicity.


We realize storage manure tanks rectangular or square shaped up to a height of 4mt. The prefabricated panels lay on running foundations created in work. The resistance of the junctions between a component and the other is guaranteed not only by those sealers resistant to chemical aggressions but also by a special injection of anti- lessening concrete in a special niche between one panel and the other.
The concrete used for the construction of the components is resistant to the chemical aggressions of the manure and by this reason it is guaranteed a long durability.
The use of the prefabricated components allow to realize the tanks in very reduced times compared to those realized in work.


We produce circular prefabricated tanks in R.C. with walls up to a height of 8 meters and with flat or lowered floor. We adopt an innovative system made up of prefabricated prefabricated panels positioned vertically that rest on continuous foundations created on site; the walls are assembled by using sheet strands in harmonic steel which, after being post-stretched during assembly, act as “belts”. This constructive system allows, in the most absolute safety, to have slimmer walls and foundations and therefore to reduce the cost of construction in comparison to the tanks made on site. The hydraulic seal is guaranteed by a long series of precautions and accurate technical choices, including the use of double high-density EPDM gasket between one wall and the next, sealing the joints with polyurethane sealant resistant to highly aggressive environments, the use of a hydro-expansive joint between the walls and the stalls made on place and injected with expansive mortar for filling the cavity containing the harmonic steel cables.
We would like to point out that the prefabricated walls below are equipped with reinforcing brackets that protrude from the artefacts and which are incorporated during the casting of the platform (which occurs after the laying of the walls); all this guarantees a solid structural connection between the pavement and the walls.
Of course, the products are made of concrete in class XA3 and resistance class C50 / 60.
There are countless advantages compared to our achievements:
1. The “TURNKEY” service provided by Evoteck.
2. Innovative technology.
3. Low-level foundations.
4. The realization of the tanks in a short and certain time.
5. Long durability over time.
6. LOW COSTS of construction.
7. Possibility of being partly underground.
8. ABSENCE of concrete cracks (typical of the structures on site), guaranteed by the pre-compression of the prefabricated walls.
9. High SAFETY standards to guarantee operators and work management during the construction of the work.
10. Production process controlled and qualified by the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 3834, EN 1090, CE marking of products.

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