Evoteck’s ability consists in providing our customers with the advantages of receiving a “turnkey” service relating to the construction of livestock facilities for farms and biogas plants.

One of the first advantages is the economic savings that are obtained following an accurate analysis with the customer which leads to both defining the investment amount in advance of the execution of the works and saving on farm management costs, maximizing profits.

We start from the construction works (excavations, foundations, castings, walls) and from the shed to get to the installation of equipment, ventilation, power systems, electrical and plumbing systems and computerized control systems. A specific analysis allows the different systems to communicate, ensuring the resolution of any problems and, at the same time, respecting the deadlines for the construction of the farm.

Our company

Our company is a solid and dynamic company, specialized in the realization of turnkey agro-industrial projects, in Italy and abroad, thanks also to the various linguistic and organizational skills that make up our team.

The combination of multiple skills and production facilities allows us to offer services and products in various fields:

  • Poultry and Pig Sector;
  • Biogas and treatment plants;

The solutions we offer, which are also suitable for existing companies, are the result of years of experience and know-how and have the pure aim of optimizing the resources available for a better overall performance of production facilities. All phases, from the creative to the operational one, are monitored with extreme care and, guaranteeing quality standards of excellence, we integrate the best possible technological solutions to each project, making each project “unique” abandoning the idea of standardization.

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We maintain the quality levels of all services

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Technical assistance

After-sales assistance 0372843054 or assistenza@evoteck.it


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