We produce pens for housing boars both for semen production centres and for individual stalls for gestation and heat detection areas.
We produce fences of different heights in reinforced concrete, in AISI 304 stainless steel or in hot-dip galvanized steel with the possibility of deciding whether to create completely solid or partition grille.
We also manufacture exclusive plastic boar-mounts for semen collection with height-adjustable hot-dip galvanized steel support.
We also offer feeders in stainless steel and reinforced polyethylene.


We manufacture various types of gestation pen equipment using the following materials:
– stainless steel;
– galvanized steel;
– solid PVC;
– PVC panel combined with steel pipes;
– reinforced concrete.
The pens can be equipped with continuous stainless steel troughs on the ground or raised by 15 cm (to recover space in the animal housing).
To limit the conflicts between the sows, we produce galvanized steel or stainless steel dividing barriers to be placed on troughs.


We manufacture individual cages for housing sows during insemination. The sides can be made using horizontal tubes or vertical bars. Both models are fitted with a comfortable and opening rear gate and can be equipped with a front gate instead of the normal fixed front closure to make the sow come out from the front side. The cages can be built using hot-dip galvanized steel with AISI 304 stainless steel feet, or completely in stainless steel. The troughs are available in the standard model (41.5 litres/m) and in the Maxy model (53.5 litres/m); both are built using hygienic and durable AISI 304 stainless steel sheet.


We produce pens with a self-locking system for housing sows in groups with liquid or dry feeding systems.
This system makes it possible to create a protected area for each sow of the group during feeding: this reduces stress and competition, and improves the well-being and profitability of the livestock. Our system with self-locking gate allows three different types of adjustment:
– free gate;
– self-locking gate;
– closed gate.
The management mechanism of the three setting modes can be manual or automatic.


The INTELLITEK automatic system allows managing 60 sows in each installed station guaranteeing the absolute feeding accuracy of each sow through a unique recognition system and the exclusive FANCOM management software.
Each sow is unique and can be managed in a personalized manner by the system and by the operator, even remotely.
The automatic selection system allows the management of groups both in static and dynamic mode.
The main benefits include:
– lower investment costs;
– individual and traceable sow feeding;
– saving on feeding costs;
– optimised livestock management;
– improved sow well-being.


We produce and install the flooring for the gestation area in compliance with the current legislation with the possibility of combining solid and slatted flooring, according to the desired pattern.
We produce:
– reinforced concrete slats 18 cm high x 100 cm wide; maximum length 354 cm and 20 mm slits;
– reinforced concrete slats 12 cm high x 50 cm wide; maximum length 300 cm and 20 mm slits.
Each type of flooring can be equipped with inserts, such as inspection grids or opening slats, in hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel.


We realize self-supporting slats in galvanized steel suitable for passages, corridors and walkways. They are made to measure according to the customer’s needs and are constructed from a load-bearing frame and a non-slip surface made of drawn triangular steel with a profiled surface to ensure a high grip.
On request it is possible to have opening or inserts (such as removable covers) or complete areas that can be opened with hinges to clean the floor.


We produce solid panels in reinforced concrete 12, 15, 18 or 20 cm high for lying areas and corridors of the gestation sector. The panels are made to measure to couple with slotted gratings in order to create a combining solid and slatted flooring, according to the desired pattern.
On request it is possible to make a reduction at the ends for the requirements of compliance with the levels.