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We make equipment for boar pens, such as fences, gates, feeders and boar-mount for semen collection.
The equipment can be made of galvanized steel or AISI 304 stainless steel.


We make various types of management box equipment that can be:
– In stainless steel;
– Galvanized steel;
– Heavy PVC;
– PVC combined with steel pipes.
You can integrate the boxes with the dividers on the trough.


We produce single crates for the housing of the sows during the gestation and insemination phase; the cages can be with horizontal tubes (model EASY) or with vertical bars (model STANDARD) with opening rear gate and possible front gate (or closed on the front).
The standard production is in hot galvanized steel (with the possibility of stainless steel feet), but on request it is possible to produce cages completely in AISI 304 stainless steel.
The trough is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and can be of two types: standard 41.5 liters/meter capacity or MAXY of 53.5 liter/meter.


We make boxes with self-locking cages for sows in groups that must be left free during the gestation period.
The EASY AUTOCAPTURE crates are mounted in continuous rows and each seat is equipped with a self-locking rear gate: this mechanism has three modes of use:
1) Pos. Open: the sow can exit and re-enter freely in the cage;
2) Pos. Closed: the sow is locked in a cage;
3) Pos. self-locking: the free sow coming back alone in a cage and the gate automatically locks in a closed position, preventing the animal from going out.
The position controls can be centralized row by row using a special connection line and a common position is selected for the entire row by means of a lever.
For special needs it is possible to centralize the control of the gates of a row, but at the same time to manage one or more cages individually.


We manufacture systems for sows reared in groups through the INTELLITEK automatic stations that allow the management of the animals in large pens inside which the sows move freely; each animal is identified by an univocal electronic chip that is read by the feeding station which manages individually for each animal the feeding and other parameters based on the curves and the settings entered in the management system.
The advantages are many:
– Lower investment cost
– Individual sow feeding per sow
– Saving of power costs
– Improvement of farm management
– Less stress for sows


We produce slats R.C. height 18 cm for sows with 20 mm slits or a combination of Closed/slatted. The maximum length is 354 cm.
On request it is possible to make a reduction at the ends for the needs of respect of the levels.


We realize self-supporting slats in galvanized steel suitable for passages, corridors and walkways. They are made to measure according to the customer’s needs and are constructed from a load-bearing frame and a non-slip surface made of drawn triangular steel with a profiled surface to ensure a high grip.
On request it is possible to have opening or inserts (such as removable covers) or complete areas that can be opened with hinges to clean the floor.


We produce closed slabs in R.C. height 12, 18 or 20 cm to ensure animal welfare in certain departments as in the gestation sectors. The slabs are made to measure to couple with slotted gratings in order to create an alternation of slatted and closed areas in the housing area.
On request it is possible to make a reduction at the ends for the needs of respect of the levels.

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