The ability of our company to deliver turnkey farms precludes many advantages which must be taken in consideration. Above all, it allows an evident and appreciable economization on the total expense for the equipments and systems, but also it allows after an accurate analysis with the customer, the entire amount of the investment in advance on the works. “Turn-key” means, start from the building works (excavations, basements, concrete moulding, walls) and from the building, to come to the installation of the equipments, of the ventilation, of the feeding systems, of the electrical hydraulic systems, of the computerized systems of control. Through a general and specialized study, it is offered to you an accurate communication between the systems, ensuring the solution of eventual problems and the realization in the previewed times.
In Italy or abroad with the “Turn-key” Evoteck nothing is left to chance: thanks to the long and consolidated experience the customer, wherever it is, can sleep peacefully.

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