Liquid feeding system

Published On: 26/01/2023Categories: Livestock, News

Liquid feeding system and our recommendations
Historically, the liquid feeding system is based on the use of by-products such as whey, mash, etc.
In Italy, the liquid system is used for 99.9% of the fattening.
The liquid feeding system has many advantages, including the possibility of creating animal-friendly diets or adding different ingredients later according to needs.
This system provides for the preparation of a real swill preparation room where the tanks of the preparation and mixing system, dosing system and pumps are installed.
The dosing computer allows a selection of foods that is also differentiated throughout the day and different for different ages.
After the preparation and mixing procedure, the broth is transported by pipes and distribution valves directly to the troughs without the manual intervention of the operator.
Our recommendations:

Check the first boxes or\and the last boxes of the house do not take broth with a different dilution than the central boxes
The mixing is of great importance for the homogeneity of the broth and therefore in guaranteeing the distribution of the correct ration. The calibration of the tank scales should be checked a couple of times a year.
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